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Re[story] when I fell in love episode 20&21

When I fell in love episode 20&21

episode 20&21


Bisi walked in looking kinda sad.

Donald: how was the exam?

Bisi: it was tough but i did my best sha

Donald: Mere looking at your countenance

shows you didn’t do too well in your exams.

Bisi: I tried my best though and another thing is

that i am so hungry.

Donald: i guess joy is in the kitchen,ask her for

your food.

Bisi managed to drag herself to the kitchen.

Joy: So you are back!

Bisi: you didn’t want me to get back right?

Joy: How do you know?

Bisi: just stop getting scared,donald is all mine.

Joy: (pushed bisi ) Donald is already falling into

my traps and soon,he will be mine.

Bisi: that is if i can’t sabotage your plans

Joy: We’ll see about that.

Bisi: Anyway,where is my food? i am hungry.

Joy: you don’t deserve to eat

Bisi: What do you mean?

Joy: i gave your food to donald

Bisi: oh! no problem,since it’s donald you gave

it too,i’m satisfied but i’ll go tell him you gave

my food to him.

Joy: You wouldn’t dare

Bisi: just watch me!

Bisi walked out of the kitchen and went in front

of donald.

Bisi: i guess the food you ate was mine!

Donald: like seriously?

Bisi: Joy said she gave my food to you

Donald: (looked at joy) is it true?

Joy: uhmmm….emm..yeah it is.I didn’t want

you to eat garri this morning cause it might

give you stomach upset that was why i gave

you bisi’s food and besides,bisi can easily cook

another food atleast she is a maid.

Bisi looked at joy with a “if i catch you” kinda


Donald: (feeling special) Awwwwn,that’s so nice

of you joy.Bisi go and cook another food and

sorry cause i never knew it was your food.

Joy did ummtooyin for bisi.

Bisi: (looked at joy) it’s okay (she walked away)

Joy: (faking a sorry face) i know i shouldn’t

have done that but i can’t watch you drink garri

Donald: it’s okay,i understand.

There was a knock on the door and joy went

over to check who it was.

Joy: (opened the door) you!

Silvia: (rolled her eyeballs) is Donald here?

Joy: (faked a happy to see you face) ofcourse

he is! come in silvia

Silvia came in and Donald gave her a hug.Silvia

looked at joys face who was busy faking a

happy face.

Joy: (pretence) Silvia i’m sorry for the other


Silvia: I don’t get!

Joy: i kissed donald to make you jealous so

you could leave donald alone.

Silvia: really?

Joy:,donald and i aren’t in any relationship.He

is just a very good friend and i was scared if

he dated you,he wouldn’t hang out with me

again,i’m sorry

Silvia: Donald and i aren’t even dating

Joy:(happy) i’ll leave you guys to talk

Donald: joy don’t go,we are here to study


Joy: (smiled at donald) okay,i’ll go get my


Donald: Alright

Silvia: (cleared her throat) i don’t trust her

kindness despite all what she has done to

you,i’m sure she is up to something

Donald: (laughed) she has apologised and she

has changed.

Silvia: And so what?

Joy: (walked in and faked a sad face)

silvia,don’t judge me please.I know i really

screwed up but please give me a chance to

amend my ways.

Silvia: (ignored her and looked at donald) i don’t

understand this question,can you please explain

it to me?

Donald: ofcourse

I helped her out with the question and kept

attempting more questions.Three of us are art

students,we attempted literature in english,read

some poetry and figures of speech.

Joy: (pretended as if something flew into her

eyes to gain donalds attention) my eyes! my


Donald: What happened to your eyes?

Joy: i don’t know! my eyes! my eyes oh!

Silvia: (came closer to joy) let me blow it for


Joy: (used her leg to push silvia away) Donald!

my eyes!

Donald: (blew air from his mouth into her eyes)

is it still paining you?

Joy: (pretence) yes it is,keep blowing it!

Donald: (kept blowing air into her eyes) what

about now?

Joy: it’s gone (gave donald a hug) thank you


Donald: (looked at silvia who was making

faces) you are always welcome.

Silvia: Since joy is okay now,can we get back

to work?

Joy: yes lets get back to work.

We kept on studying and attempting the

possible questions that could come out in the


Joy: (purposely hit her hand forcefully on the

table).Ouch! Ouch! my hand! it hurts a lot!

Donald: (holding joys hand) where is paining


Joy: It’s there!

Donald was massaging her hand.

Joy: Ouch! it hurts! massage it well

Donald kept massaging her hand.

Joy: it really hurts! please take me to my


Donald: (brought out aboniki balm) let me apply

this on your hand so it won’t swell.

Joy: Thanks donald and please massage my

hand well when applying the balm.

Donald: (smiled at her) no problem

Donald applyed the balm to joys hand and she

kept pretending as if she is in pain which kept

frustrating Silvia.

Silvia: i’m sick of this! i’m going home

donald,we’ll chat later

As he stood to stop silvia from going,joy

dragged him down

Joy: ouch! my hand hurts! donald don’t go,my

hand hurts a lot.

Donald: (held joys hand) Silvia i’ll see you later.

Silvia left the house while joy smiled as she

thought to herself “i’ve trapped him”


Donald: how do you feel now?

Joy: much better,thanks alot for taking care of


Donald: (smiled) it’s nothing even if silvia is

mad at me right now

Joy: i need to apologise to her

Donald: she will understand

Joy: (smiled) alright then

Donald: i want to have my nap

Joy: same here but i’m scared of sleeping


Donald: how do you sleep at night?

Joy: i keep the bulbs on and open the door to

my room

Donald: then do thesame!

Joy: can i sleep with you please!

Donald: (scratching his head) e-emm i don’t


Joy: (faked a sad face) i’ll sleep on the floor

near the sofa.

Donald: don’t be sad joy! you can sleep near


Joy: (smiled) thanks donald.

We both went to our room to take a nap.Joy

was shifting her huge back side to me,it was

so tempting.I had to close mt eyes,she layed

her hand on my chest and started caressing

me.I wanted to resist her but i couldn’t.

Joy: Donald!

Donald: yes!

Joy: can’t sleep,i’m scared!

Donald: of what?

Joy: of closing my eyes

Donald: Why!

Joy: when i close my eyes,i see funny things.

Donald: like?

Joy: (looked at my face) you and i kissing.

Donald: really!

Joy: (kissed me softly) now i can sleep.

She closed her eyes to sleep leaving me


Joy was fast asleep while i found it hard to

sleep.I heard the door to the sitting room

open,i got up to see who it was.

Donald: Silvia!

Silvia: i forgot my note so i came to pick it up.

Donald: i’m sorry for what happened.

Silvia: (laughed) how is she now?

Donald: gettinf better! she is even sleeping in

my room

Silvia: (surprised) in your room? anyway,see

you later.

She opened the door and left,soon after,joy

walked out scratching her eyes.

Donald: why aren’t you asleep?

Joy: i thought i heard silvia’s voice!

Donald: she was here to….

Joy: (interupted) that doesn’t matter! lets go

back to bed.

Donald: i feel like reading

Joy: then lets read together

Donald: well,okay!

I brought out my books and started studying,i

couldn’t concentrate when joy was with me.

Joy: i’m sorry for kissing you,Again!

Donald: it’s okay

Joy: alright

i tried hard to concentrate on my books then

bisi walked in with a plate of burger.She

stumbled and fell on me,i tried to get my

balance and i ended up putting my head on her


Joy: (furious) bisi! are you blind!

Bisi: (Smiling) donald i’m sorry! i wanted to

bring the burger to you

Donald: (smiled) it’s okay

Bisi dropped the plate on the table and walked


Joy: (furious) i saw it!

Donald: Saw what?

Joy: how you put.your head on her b—-t.

Donald: (embarassed) it was a mistake

Joy: really?

Donald: what are you insuiating?

Joy: (smiled) don’t take it personal,just pulling

your legs.

Donald: better


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