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Re[story] when I fell in love episode 18&19

When I fell in love episode 18&19

episode 18&19


Everything was set for my fathers

burial.Visitors were trouping in,they were all

wearing black.Soon the pastor arrived and the

service proceeded.Mum broke down in tears,i

hugged her and tried my best to console

her.Joy’s parent came in but joy wasn’t with

them i was relieved.The other of song

began,mum wouldn’t stop crying no matter how

i try to console her.Later testimonies were

asked to be rendered,so many people said good

things about my father.Joy just showed up

from nowhere and rendered her own

testimony.She was staring at me while

rendering it.I felt disgusted,soon i was called to

render mine and i said all the goods things i

could ever think of concerning him.The whole

testimony section was over.The pastor climbed

the pulpit and started praying.Soon the box

where the ashes of my father were kept,was

brought out.My mum,joys parent,including joy

herself with her brother,some family member

with friends including me,went around the

house spreading his ashes because that was his

last wish.Soon the whole ceremony was

over,food and drinks were served.Mum refused

to eat anything since morning,she kept on


Mum: Your father knew i loved him so

much,why did he leave me all alone?

Donald: Mum take it easy,it’s best known to


Mum: i need some time alone please.

Donald: Alright mum

I left her all alone to cry her pains out.I went to

clear all the plate and cups the visitors used to

eat,joys parent asked about my mum and i

directed them to where she was.Joy walked up

to me with a sad face.

Joy: (hugged me) he was the best uncle i ever


Donald: (feeling uncomfortable) he was the best

dad also

Joy: (looked at me with tears in her eyes) now

i feel so alone,my parents would be travelling


Donald: (feeling frustrated) so that means?

Joy: i’ll move in with you for a whole one


Donald: What!

Joy: yea

Donald: can’t you stay at your house with your


Joy: his semester break is over so he is

moving back to school today.

Donald: (not happy) well you know i can’t stand


Joy: you have no choice

She left me to bare the pain to putting up with

her for a bad one month.It’s going to be hell! o

must find something to do about this.

I kept walking round the house picking dirty

dishes.I over head joys discussion with bisi

from the kitchen window.

Joy: don’t think i don’t know you are interested

in donald.

Bisi: So?

Joy: Donald is all mine and i’ll go to any length

to have him

Bisi: (laughs) we’ll see about that,two can play

this game.

Joy: And i’ll always win

Omo see gobe! nawa oo! as if i am the only

guy on this planet earth.I took the dishes to the

kitchen and those two witches were still there.

Joy: donald i need to talk to you in private.

Donald: About what?

She pulled me along with her without saying


Joy: (she shut the door) i want to say that i

am really very sorry for everything

Donald: i’ve heared you! can i go now?

Joy: i know you hate me but donald i only

wanted a best friend which i found in you.i

know my attitudes are bad that is why you hate

me now. (teary eyes)

Donald: i know you are pretending

Joy: i know you won’t believe me because of

what you heard me say to bisi

Donald: (Wondering how she got to know) yes!

Joy: i love you but just as a best friend (went

on her knees) please donald i’m so sorry don’t

push me away

Donald: (felt pity) get up! it’s okay

Joy: (She got up and hugged me) thank you

donald,guess we are friends now

Donald: (raised an eyebrow) i guess!

Joy: i pray one day you would forgive me .

I looked at joy and felt a kind of feeling,the one

i felt the first time i saw her.I think she is very

sorry for what she did to me,i think i believe

her.She came and gave me back the phone

Joy: i want you to have this phone and i’m so

sorry for disgracing you in church today.I’ll

make it up to you i promise

Donald: it’s okay joy,i forgive you.Lets forget

the past,we are friends now

Joy: (ran to me and hugged me) thank you so


episode 19


Opened my eyes to the morning light,it was

monday already.I stepped out of bed to the

living room,i saw bisi preparing to leave the

house for her exams.

Donald: wish you goodluck

Bisi: (smiled) thanks

I saw her out the gate,as i turned to mums

room,i saw joy coming out of her room.I

smiled at her.

Joy: Good morning donald!

Donald: how was your night?

Joy: it was peaceful

Donald: oh really! that’s nice.

Joy: yeah! guess bisi is out for her exams

Donald: yes

Joy: ours is tomorrow,i feel nervous!

Donald: You don’t have to,everything would go


Joy: (came up to me and hugged me) thanks


Donald: you are welcome.

Still in her tight hug,mum came out and it looks

like she has been crying all night

Donald: Goodmorning mum!

She ignored me as if i didn’t exist.

Joy: Goodmorning aunt!

Mum: oh my dear,how was your night?

Joy: (looked at me) it was fine

Mum: your mum as dropped your things here

Joy: (surprised) when!

Mum: while you were asleep

Joy: (sad) they left without saying goodbye

Mum: she didn’t want to wake you up.

Joy: i’m uses to it anyway

Mum: (looked at me) donald the garden has

gone out of shape,would you go and trim it!

Donald: (surprised because we had a gardener)

okay mum

Joy: but aunt,what happened to the gardener?

Mum: i want donald to do it?

Joy: (looked at me) alright aunt

I stepped out to trim the garden,i did my best.I

was so worn out after. I came in and i found

mum and joy eating on the dinning table.

Donald: Just in time for breakfast (i pulled out a

chair to sit)

Mum: And what do you think you are doing?

Donald: To eat!

Mum: if you don’t want me to get mad at

you,you better go and wash those dirty clothes

of yours,have your bath and brush you dirty

teeths.You’ve been lazy this days you know!

Joy: (laughs) no food for lazy guys

Donald: (i raised an eyebrow towards joy)


I was so hungry,i quickly washed the cloths in

the washing machine and spread them outside.I

brushed my teeth and took my bath as fast as

possible.After i was done with all that,i went to

the dinning,mum wasn’t there.it was only joy

who was fiddling with her phone.I saw a glass

plate covered with another plate “that must be

my food” i thought to myself as i opened it

only to find a piece of paper which read “Go

and soak garri,there is sugar and groundnut in

the cupboard”



I felt so sad because they all ate original agege

bread,sardine sauce with confirm tea.She nah

left me to soak garri as morning food.I turned

to joy who was laughing at me,i know she

knows about this.

Donald: You guys conspired against me right?

Joy: it’s all aunts idea,she was thinking on how

to purnish you for your laziness.

Donald: (put my fingers on my chin,cause i

know i’ve been lazy all because of this girls

issue) but that’s not fair!

Joy: You better thank me cause she only

wanted to give you only garri but i begged her

to add groundnut and sugar to it.

Donald: (Accepted my faith) I have no choice

than to soak garri.

Joy: (brought out a plate filled with sardine

sauce and four slices of bread) i kept this for

you without aunts consent.

Donald: (happy) thanks! you are the best you


Joy: if i were you,i would quickly devore it

before she comes out.

I quickly devored the food and washed the

plate so mum won’t suspect me.Mum came out

well dressed with her hand bag.

Mum: i am off to work take care of the house


Donald: (rolled my eyes) bye even if you gave

me garri to drink

Mum: (laughs) don’t be lazy next time and make

sure you study with joy,you know your exams

are tomorrow.

Donald: Alright mum

Mum left the house leaving only me and joy.I

picked up my phone and called Silvia to come

over to revise some subject


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