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Re[story] when I fell in love episode 16&17

When I fell in love episode 16&17

episode 16&17


Mum: your father has been cremated and his

ashes are here,we’ll spread them round the

house tomorrow.

Donald: Alright mum

Mum: i’m so sorry that i didn’t believe you

when you told me about bisi

Donald: it’s okay mum

Mum: i saw you smiling at your phone when i

came in! were you smiling because of joy?

Donald: (feeling disgusted) i am smiling because

i have joy and not because of joy.

Mum: What do you mean?

Donald: i met this girl,her name is silvia and i

guess i like her.

Mum: then what happens to joy?

Donald: Who is joy? i don’t know her.

Mum: (surprised) what transpired between you


Donald: lets just say joy is so full of herself and

i hate people like that.

Mum: (raised an eyebrow) so that means you

guys aren’t in good terms?

Donald: yes mum and we’ll never be!

Mum: why can’t you forgive her?

Donald: i have but i’m never speaking to her


Mum: i’ll organise a meeting for the both of


Donald: thanks mum but nevermind.

Mum: Wow! joy has really crossed the line this


Donald: yes she has and please mum,don’t leys

speak of her again.

Mum: But you’ll see her in church tomorrow.

Donald: (laughs) she better not come close to

md or else she’ll regret it!

Mum: Alright then.

Mum left me all to myself and as usual,i

continued with my chat.I used too like joy but

now,all i feel for her is more hatred.I am a

simple person but i hate it when people

downgrade me so i feel it’s very stupid of her

to offend me and try to reconcile when i know

she will still hurt me again.

Like style like style,It was already sunday.I got

dressed for church in a rich boy way.Mum

was,already waiting for me in the car,I stepped

into the car and the driver drove off.He

stopped at joys house to pick joy and her

brother because their parents leaves the house

much earlier than them,they are pastors.Mum

purposely let joy sit close to me and her

brother kept giving me a “back off my sister”

face.I ignored him,wetin concern me,i never

wanted to talk to the witch he call a sister.I

ignored joy the best way i can.Soon we arrived

at the church,we got down and i bounced into

the youth church like a big boy.First comer

things on point,all the ladies had their gaze on

me,the guys weren’t left out.I sat down on a

chair towards the altar so they could see me

wella.Joy came to sit beside me,she was

feeling fly as if she was my bae or

something.God forbid.I gladly got up and went

to another sit,she felt bad but i don’t care.

The service was going well,it was fun and

interactive.Soon the preaching was over and

the call for new timer was made.I got up

magestically from my sit.If you see the eyes

that followed me ehn,omo nah die but wetin

concern me.I still dengepo untop.They

congratulated me and prayed for me.They

asked for my contacts so they could add me to

the church whatsapp group.After all that,they

shared the grace.I went to sit down in a corner

waiting for the adult church to

close.Suddenly,different ladies and guys walked

up to me introducing themselves.They asked

for my contacts so they could chat me up.As i

was exchanging contacts,i saw Joy walking

towards me with anger.I knew she was up to

no good but i never knew what she was up


Joy: (walked up to me) Donald! give me my


Donald: i am not with your phone!

Joy: i mean the phone i gave you that is in

your hands right now!

Donald: What do you mean!

Joy: it means i am not giving you again so let

me have it!

Donald: (highly embarassed) take it easy!

Joy: (shouting untop of her voice) everybody

you see this guy is a gold digger! a poverty

striken wretched fellow! i picked him from the

gutters you know,he is thesame guy that wears

tartered clothes here to sell plantain chips.

I felt so humiliated that i didn’t notice the tears

that fell from my eyes.

Joy: (streching her palm towards me) give me

my phone poor boy.

I handed the phone over to her,i looked at her

with so nuch disgust but i won’t accept defeat.

Donald: (in tears) you think because you come

from a rich family that is why you are barking

like dog that has rabies right? (raised my voice

as loud as possible) All of you.listen to me,i

come from the gutters yes! i am a product of

prostitution,yes! but i am who i am because of

my hardwork.It’s not my fault that people like

me because of i am hardworking and

dilligent,and they decided to help me (turned to

joy) on like some people who are so full of

themselves,they think they own the world.Let

riches be taken away from them then come

and see their shame.They would be more

useless than a used tissue.They won’t be able

to survive on their own,they depend on their

parents riches.Now tell me,what’s the

difference? i am more different cause i have

brain and i can use it to make cool cash unlike

some people.

All the congregation clapped for me,i was

feeling really pained but i felt more happy when

they clapped for me.Joy was looking at me

dumb foundedly.I walked out from the church


I felt so bad and embarassed,i felt like running

away from all these troubles.I think i have a

very bad destiny,i just want to get away from

all these wahala.I kept on poundering over my

life as i kept waiting for the Adult church to

close.I saw the witch coming towards

me,immediately i boost like say i dey play

temple run but she kept following me.I decided

to stop to hear what she had to say so i could

give her the insult of her life.

Donald: What do you want this time?

Joy: i’m sorry

Donald: for?

Joy: Embarassing you

Donald: Embarassing me? ofcourse not!

Joy: (went on her kneels) i’m so sorry,please

forgive me

Donald: i don’t just understand you oh baby!

you hurt me and then you say you are

sorry,just go to hell and let me be atleast i

have given you your phone nah!

Joy: (brought out the phone) i don’t want the

phone you have it!

Donald: (spat to the ground) i prefare to die

than to collect this phone back from you!

Joy: please donald!

Donald: So you can tell everybody that i stole

the phone this time and get me arrested abi?

Joy: (in tears) i was just jealous because you

refused to talk to me and other girls where

exchanging contacts with you.

Donald: that’s your problem so leave me alone!

(i yelled at her)

Joy: i went through your chats and i saw a girl

named Silvia,is she your girlfriend?

Donald: Why do you want to know?

Joy: Donald i never thought i would get to say

this but i love you

Donald: (burst into laughter) love? oh baby what

kind of stupid love is that?

Joy: i swear i love you that is why…

Donald: That is why you prove to me every

single time that you are the rich kid and i am

the poor kid right?

Joy: Don’t take it that way?

Donald: Well Miss Joy Bankole,i appreciate you

loving me,it’s your headache.As for me,i don’t,i

repeat,i don’t and i will never love you.

Joy: (held my clothe in tears) Donald you can’t

say you don’t love me! i know you do,bisi told

me you do!

Donald: (laughs) bisi told you? well that’s the

problem of the both of you! as you can see,i

have a girlfriend and her name is Silvia.I love

her so back off and never speak to me again.

Joy: i will never let you guys be together i

swear.It’s either you love me or no one will

have you.

She walked out on me.

I decided to ignore whatever rubbish she was

blabbing about.The adult church as closed and i

saw mum,joy and her bro walking towards the

car.I ran ahead to join them and i was angry

because i had to sit beside joy again

throughout the journey.Joy was busy fiddling

with the phone she once gave me,i knew she

was up to no good but as i tried to peep

through what she is doing,i couldn’t see a

thing.She was bending the phone to the other

side and i couldn’t see anything.In few minutes

we were home,there wasn’t traffic on the

road.We got down from the car and joys

brother found his square root.Mum asked me to

escort Joy home and i know she purposely did

that because she could have dropped her off at

home.As joy and i were walking down the

street,she kissed me unexpectedly.I was about

to yell at her but then i saw Silvia walking past

us and joy laughing.Then i knew she purposely

did it.

Joy: (looked at me) now that b—h would know

her place!

Donald: (shaking my head) how i wish i knew

how to beat up a woman because i really want

to beat you right now.

Joy: Then beat me!

Donald: if not for my mum,i wouldn’t have

escorted you.

Joy: blah blah blah! let me tell you

something,your forster mum is my aunt and

she would be so glad if we dated eachother.

Donald: Joy! i don’t love you and besides,you

have a boyfriend and his name is Daniel.

Joy: i have broken up with him.

Donald: And how is it my own business?

Joy: it is because i know deep down that you

love me.

Donald: (arrived at the gate of her house) you

better stop fantasicing over me..bye anyway.

i breath a sign of relief cause i can’t imagine

spending one more second with her.I quickly

went over to silvia’s place,she was really mad

at me.

Donald: i’m sorry

Silvia: So you have a girlfriend?

Donald: She isn’t my girlfriend!

Silvia: Stop lying! she sent me a text telling me

to back off,she also called me boyfriend


Donald: Don’t mind her silvia,she is trying her

best to have me but she can’t.

Silvia: is there something you aren’t telling me?

Donald: i’ll tell you everything later,today is my

fathers funeral.

Silvia: okay then

Donald: bye! see you later

I left silvia’s place and crossed over to my

house to prepare for my fathers funeral


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