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Re[story] when I fell in love episode 14&15

When I fell in love episode 14&15

Episode 14&15


I thought i heared Joy’s voice! I ran over to

check.I saw bisi sitting next to her,they were in

a discussion.I hid behind the wall so they

wouldn’t notice me.

Joy: i called donald this morning and he denied

ever asking you out.

Bisi: (laughs) i know he would

Joy: you do?

Bisi: yes and the truth is,he told me he planned

on asking you out so he can be collecting some

petty money from you.

Joy: (laughs) Donald isn’t a gold digger,i don’t

believe you!

Bisi: I know you won’t but i am just telling you

so you wouldn’t be a victim like me.

Joy: Were you a victim?

Bisi: yes and in the worst kind of way

Joy: What do you mean by that?

Bisi: (faking tears) i was…donald….i mean

donald raped me in the bathroom while i was

having my bath!

Where i was hiding,i couldn’t believe my

ears.Immediately i came out of my hiding


Donald: Are you mad?

Bisi: That’s what you said when i refused to

open my legs for you….(faking tears)


l….until you raped me.

Joy: (came closer to me) Donald is it true?

Donald: I swear,i didn’t do such a thing.She

was the one seducing and i threw her

off.Although she treathened to throw me out of

this house at all cost! she is framing me for

what i didn’t do.

Bisi: joy is he lying,he told me if i told

aunty,he’ll kill me.

Joy: (slapped me) i’ll make sure you are

arrested for this,i swear!

Donald: Joy believe me!

Joy: i should have known you are so worthless!

Donald: (filled with anger,i walked up to bisi

and whispered to her ears) two can play this

game you are playing you know! and guess

what,i’m good at it (i turned to joy) i know you

won’t believe me because i am poor so you

think i want to misuse the opportunities given

to me.But what wrong did i do by refusing to

have sex with someone and in return she

wants to ruin me.Anyway,think what you want,i

don’t care. (i walked out on them)

I picked up my phone and dailed mum’s

number.It rang and rang but she finally picked

up the call.

Mum: hello son!

Donald: mum i have something to tell you

Mum: can’t it wait till later?

Donald: no mum! it’s so urgent!

Mum: so what is it?

Donald: Bisi tried to rape me

Mum: what! you are joking right?

Donald: ofcourse not! i freed myself from her

and now she is telling joy that i raped her.

Mum: i don’t think bisi can do that.

Donald: you have to believe ms mum!

Mum: bisi has been with me for more than

5years now and i’m sure she can’t do that.

Donald: i know you won’t believe me? i’ll leave

the house (line dead).Mum kept on calling me

but i ignored the call.I know

Leaving the house is not a good option but i

can’t stay in a house where no one trusts

me,but before i live,i have a score to settle

with bisi.i packed all my belongings,while i was

packing them,i was thinking on how i would

survive and how i would complete my

education.Bisi walked in laughing at me.

Bisi: i told you that your stay in this house

depends on me but you were blabbing.

Donald: (quickly put my phone on record

without her knowing) now i can see you are


Bisi: i am not sick okay! i wanted you to make

love to me but you refused so i had to tell

everyone that you raped me.I will also tell

aunty so it’s very wise of you to leave the

house cause i am sure that of aunty

comes,you’ll be in jail.

Donald: (laughs) or you would be in jail!

Bisi: this is a very serious issue.

Donald: i have all what you said on record.

Bisi: that is a lie!

Donald: (showed her the phone) i told you two

can play this game of yours.

Bisi: (went on her knees) please donald,don’t

show it to aunty,she’ll kick me out of the


Donald: you didn’t think of that before you

framed me abi?

Bisi: please donald.

Donald: (looked at her with a “i will have my

revenge” kinda face) i’ll think about it.

She kept on pleading and pleading but i set

them all on deaf ears.Mum came back with a

face of parnick.Donald! Donald! she kept

yelling.I came out with my belongings.

Donald: welcome Mrs Bankole,how was your


Mum: Donald what’s all this? where do you

think you are going?

Donald: (brought out my phone and played the

record for her) I am leaving.

Mum: My son don’t go!

Joy: Donald please stay!

Donald: (i felt like slapping joy but i maintaned)

i appreciate all what you have done for me but

i can’t stay here because nobody here trusts

me nor believe what ever i tell them.

Mum: i’m sorry so it’s just that i was surprised

that bisi could do such a thing!

Donald: Anyway,i’m leaving (as i stepped out to

leave,mum dragged me back and went on her


Mum: Donald please don’t do this to me!

Donald: (took pity on her) Alright i’ll stay {i use

her do shakara small}

Mum: (got up and pulled bisi to herself) i never

knew you were a s–t (she slapped her) but

before you put me in trouble,i’ll deal with you

(she removed her shoes and started beating her

with them) now you would do yourself a

favour by getting out of my house!

Bisi: (holding her body in tears) please ma, i’m

sorry! she kept pleading


Donald: mum please don’t kick her out!

Mum: She almost made me loose you!

Donald: but you didn’t

Mum: (staring at bisi with anger) you better

thank yoir stars that my son is kind hearted,if


Bisi: (in tears) than….thank you ma

Mum: Would you get out of my sight!

infact,come with me!

Bisi went with mum,i guess they went to have

an heart to heart talk.I was left with the psyco

called joy,she has really over done it this time.

Joy: (held my hand) Donald! i’m really sorry for

doubting you.

Donald: (took my hand away and laughed) Sorry

you say!

Joy: i should have believed you instead……

Donald: (cut her short) can you do me a


Joy: yes! Anything!

Donald: from now on,stay away from me and

don’t you dare speak to me.

Joy: but i said i’m sorry?

Donald: Eat your sorry,i don’t need it!

Joy: please forgive me Donald!

I pushed her away and walked out.On one

side,i felt happy and on ther,i felt sad because

i can’t believe how unfair joy treats me.Well it’s

best if i avoid her,i don’t want more insults and

downgrading.My stomach started rubbling,then

i realised i was hungry and i hadn’t eaten

anything since morning all because of those

two witches.I went to the kitchen my make

myself something to eat.I saw bisi kneeling

down on an iron grater with salt and pepper on

it.that serves her right.I finished my meal and i

was so bored.This is V.I and the worst part is

that i live in an estate,it’s very hard to make

friends around her.I thought mum was going to

do a wake keep for my dad but she told me

she just wanted to bury him as fast as possible

because mere thinking about him in the

mortuary,makes her sad.I just sat down staring

at the ceiling,i would have taken my books to

read but i have over read that my brain is

exploding.I actually needed a nice hair cut,i

took permission from mum to have my hair

done.I was walking past the estate when a saw

a raw gold mehn! she is so beautiful.I walked

up to her,guy things.

Donald: Hello pretty

Silvia: hi

Donald: my name is donald and what’s yours?

Silvia: i’m silvia

Donald: Nice meeting you silvia

Silvia: the pleasure is all mine!

Donald: You live around here?

Silvia: yes! my house is number 45

Donald: Wow! mine is number 50,not too far

from yours.

Silvia: i guess

Donald: Can i know you better?

Silvia: What do you want to know about me?

Donald: just want to be a friend that’s all.

Silvia: if that’s the case then no problem.

Donald:,Can i have yoir contacts?

Silvia: no problem

We both exchanged contacts and mehn! i’ll take

it up from there.Tomorrow is sunday so i have

to look frosh for them girls.I had my hair cut

and headed back home.Immediately i got

home,bisi came to me.

Bisi: i’m sorry for what i did to you!

Donald: i forgive you but don’t you ever think

you are smarter than me.

Bisi: okay

I walked out on her into my room.I took some

frosh selfies and uploaded the best ones for my

social media dp.I added Silvia on whatsapp so

we got chatting.Joy sent me couple of

messages but i read and ignored them.Silvia is

far way better than joy,she is very funny and

entertaining.She is also writing her exams on

thesame day as i and she is my sit partner

even though is a CBT exam.We both share

thesame birth date and luckiy for me,she is

single.She just broke up with her ex cause he

cheated on her.I am starting to like this

Silvia,She is really really cool.I got so carried

away with chatting with her that i didn’t hear

when mum called on me.


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