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Re[story] when I fell in love episode 13

When I fell in love episode 13


I went into my room,i picked up the phone and

started re-downloading the apps have deleted.It

took a long while,and i fell asleep in the

process.Joy’s call woke me up.

Joy: Guess you were sleeping?

Donald: yeah i was!

Joy: i couldn’t sleep

Donald: (checked the time,it was 2:00am) why?

Joy: Bisi told me something!

Donald: something like?

Joy: She said you asked her out! is it true?

Donald: (Speechless) uhmm…wh…what!

Joy: So it’s true?

Donald: Ofcourse not!

Joy: Tell me the truth Donald!

Donald: But why are you so bothered about


Joy: Uhmmm…..I am feeling sleepy (line dead)

Now i am confused because i don’t understand

why she is bothered about me asking bisi

out.But why would bisi tell joy such a thing?

Something is fishy and i must find out.I looked

at the clock,it was 2:30am in the morning and

bisi would have been snoring.As i was about to

go back to bed,my body touched a human

being.I was surprised because i am so sure

that i was the only one in the room.I flashed

the torch light of my phone to see who was on

my bed,Bisi! i screamed.I tapped her until she

work up.

Donald: How did you get here?

Bisi: Why did you wake me?

Donald: (furious) Are you insane! how did you

get into my bed before i call mum.

Bisi: And i will shout rape (she laughed)

Donald: Get out of my room this instant!

Bisi: Ofcourse i would

She got up,eyed me and hissed at me. “Don’t

think you can escape me!” she said to me as

she left my room.Gosh! i don’t understand

what is happening! first she told joy i asked her

out and now she slept close to me,this is

crazy.I kept poundering about it until i fell

asleep again.

Donald! Donald! she tapped me on my back.I

opened my eyes “Mum! Good morning”

Mum: Hope you slept well?

Donald: ( wanted to tell her everything but i

kept cool) yes i slept well,What about you?

Mum: i kept seeing your dad in my dreams,it

looked so real but only to wake up to find out i

was only dreaming.

Donald: come on mum! i know it’s not easy but

you have to take heart,i don’t want to loose

you also.

Mum: (smiled at me) alright

Donald: Where are you going that you are

dressed so gorgeously?

Mum: I’m going out with my friends,you know

your fathers burial is tomorrow so i want to set

myself in a good mood.

Donald: Alright mum but don’t stay out late.

Mum: Alright my husband

i kinda felt odd when she called me that. I let

mum leave for her outing as i dashed into bisi’s

room.I found nobody in her room.Bisi! Bisi! i

cried out but there was no response.Suddenly

the door to the room got slammed.I turned

back only to my surprise to see bisi naked.

Bisi: (Playing with her b—-t) Don’t you like

what you see!

Donald: (tried to speak) bi….bi…bi…bis..bisi

what’s all this?

Bisi: (Came closer to me and put her finger on

my lips) Shhhh! don’t say anything dear.Ever

since you’ve entered this house,i’ve loved you

and there was a time i saw you undressed in

the bathroom.

Donald: Where you spying on me?

Bisi: (laughs) something like that, (she ran her

fingers through my body) i’ve been admiring

this your six packs you know!

Donald: (Pushed her away) you better put on

your clothes.

Bisi: (Grabbed me by my knicker) Am i not sexy

enough for you huh? i am more endowed than

that cat called joy

Donald: (trying to free myself from her grip)

Yes you are sexy but i don’t like you,let me go!

Bisi:(tried to undress me) i am not letting you


Donald: (Gave her a resounding slap and pushed

her away) i have never layed my hands on any

lady before but i won’t hesitate to beat you up

till you faint.

Bisi: (in tears) i’ll tell mum you tried to rape


Donald: (Surprised) you lier! she won’t believe


Bisi: (Smirked) we’ll see about that! your stay in

this house depends on me.

Donald: you better watch what you say to me

cause i swear,you’ll regret it.

Bisi: But why don’t you like me?

Donald: i use to like you as a friend but now,i

hate you! let me spell it out for you H-A-T-E,i

hate you!

I walked out of her sight,i felt like strangulating

her so badly.She tried to rape me! i need to

talk to mum about this before something worse

happens.Imagine,she even spies at me in the

bathroom but how come? i always lock the

doors or is she a witch?i went into the

bathroom to inspect it and i saw the windows

opened.Then i realised she as been staring at

me through the window.But what do i do now?

i have never been in a tight situation like this

before! first it was joy and now bisi! How do i

avoid bisi in this house? if i tell mum about this

then she might send her out of this house and

to my understanding,m

um is the one sponsoring bisi’s education.She

was brought as an house help but mum is so

kind that she doesn’t treat her as such.If i tell

mum then she will terminate her

education.What do i do?

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