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Re[story] when I fell in love episode 11&12

When I fell in love episode 11&12

episode 11&12


I quickly had my bath and ate my breakfast.I

had a knock at the door so i decided to go and

open the door.

Donald: joy what a pleasant surprise!

Joy: (pushed me away from the door and

stepped in) where is my aunt?

Donald: She is inside.

She went in search for mum,she was in there

for more than 30minutes.I am just wondering

what she was doing in there.

Mum: (Walked in with joy) Donald,Joy was sent

here by her mum to study with you and bisi.

Donald: (Rolled my eyes) okay

Mum: (picked up her hand bag on the couch) i

have to go and attend to some things.I might

be back a little bit late so what do you want

me to get for you on my way back?

Donald: Anything that would be nice.

Mum: What about you joy?

Joy: Pizza

Mum: Alright then,take care and be good


We all chorused “Yes ma!”

In few seconds,mum was out.So i decided to

ignore joy,i went over to bisi.

Donald: (saw her solving maths) let’s solve it


Bisi: it’s kind of tough

Donald: it’s just a simple equation.

Bisi: teach me please!

Donald: (grabbed a pen and paper) if 5 + X = 8

find the value of X. All you have to do is

collect like terms so it will be X= 8 – 5

So therefore, X=3

Bisi: Wow! i never knew it was so simple.

Donald: (laughs) now you know

Bisi: i will try the rest.

Donald: okay

Suddenly joy walked in.

Joy: (showed her a booklet) Bisi can you

please explain this equation to me?

Bisi: (stared at it) i don’t think i understand,why

not ask donald?

Joy: (Stared at me with hatred) Don’t worry,i’ll

ask my elder brother to help me out.

Donald: Bisi if you need me,i’m in my room (i

walked out on them to my room) i brought out

the phone joy gave me,i looked at it for a while

and deleted my social media accounts and text

messages.I went back outside to hand it over

to joy.

Donald: Joy!

Joy: (ignored me)

Donald: (Dropped the phone on her lap) there is

the phone you gave to me,thanks for giving it

to me but i don’t want it anymore.

Joy: just because my aunt is capable of buying

a better one right? yoy better dont suck her dry

because that’s how poor people behaves.

Donald: (Surprised and hurt by what she said) i

use to think you were different from other

proud rich kids but now i see you are


it’s not your fault but mine.If not for the fact

that you knew where i was coming from,you

wouldn’t have the guts to say all these to me

(tears fell from my eyes as i walked away

from her) Bisi came in to see me.

Bisi: (sat down beside me) Donald i heared all

what Joy said to you and i apologise on her

behalf.I know she doesn’t mean it.

Donald: Joy means it,i could see it in her eyes.

Bisi: She is just only hurt because of you

meddled with her relationship with Daniel.

Donald: How do you know?

Bisi: I heared when you and mum were talking

about it.

Donald: But i apologised to her.

Bisi: I think you have to apologise to her in


Donald: Even if she was really mad at me,she

shouldn’t have said those things to me.

Bisi: You are more matured than her.

Donald: guess you are right but i will only

apologise to her and as from now on,i will keep

my distances from her before she disgraces

me in public.

Bisi: You know it’s not good to keep malice.

Donald: i won’t keep malice with her,i’ll just not

be friends with her anymore.

Bisi: Donald! you have a hard heart you know.

Donald: When i decide on something,it would

be hard to change it.I prefare you to her.

Bisi: (laughs) it’s better you prefare both.

I got up and walked up to joy who way busy

listening to music.I tapped her on the shoulder.

Joy: Can i help you?

Donald: i know you are mad at me because i

meddled with your relationship with Daniel.

Joy: So?

Donald: i’m really sorry,i didn’t mean to.I just

hated the fact that he insulted me so i decided

to flow along with the accusation that i was

dating you.

Joy: (laughs) you better find a way to fix this

because you would regret it so badly if Daniel

dares break up with me.

Donald: But the guys is a jerk!

Joy: (Slapped me) how dare you call him that?

Donald: you deserve a better person.

Joy: Like? You! (laughs) don’t even think about

it,i can never date a poor person like you.Over

my dead body.

Donald: (in tears) am i that bad?

Joy: You are worse!

Donald: And i can never ask a girl like you

out.You aren’t my taste at all,first of all,you are

ugly and uncivilised.

Joy: You are….how dare you call me ugly!

Donald: (laughs) i am sure Daniel is just

managing you.

Joy: (burst out in tears) Do-Donald do you think

i am ugly?

Donald: yes and my s–t is more beautiful than

you are.

Bisi: (walked in) you guys should stop this

insult.Joy,Donald doesnt mean to call you

ugly.He just said that because you called him a

poor boy.

Joy: (stared at me) i am sorry i said that,i am

just so angry because of the names Daniel

called me

Donald: you better break up with him and i

actually meant to say you are very ugly ( i

walked out).


Bisi: How could you say that to her?

Donald:,She thinks she is the only one that can

insult people.She should better not forget that i

am from,ajegunle.

Bisi: Now i know you are very stupid.

Donald: bisi you better dont let me face

you.Didn’t you hear all the names she called


Bisi: go and,apologise to her now.

Donald: No i won’t!

Joy: (walked in) Donald i am sorry,i was the

one that caused all these.

Donald: what are you doing here? i am poor

ooo and i am worst so madam please go


Joy: (on her knees) i am sorry please i won’t

hurt you with the words from my mouth again.

Donald: I am also sorry for calling you

ugly.You are very beautiful and i mean it.

Bisi: you guys should hug each other nah.

Joy hugged me and i felt a shiver in my spine.

Joy: let’s go and watch a movie THE DARK


Donald: That’s a good idea cause all read and

no play?

Joy: Makes us fight stupid fight.

Bisi: (laughs) i’ll go get popcorns.

Donald: But don’t let us get carried away with

the movie.

We went to the sitting room and started playing

the movie.Bisi brought the popcorns and off

the light.Joy sat beside me,we were so close

and my body was doing me somehow but i

turned to Olu maintain.The movie was a scary

movie and whenever joy was scared,she hugs

me and bury her face in my chest.I felt as if i

was on cloud 9,Omo see enjoyment .Bisi

noticed it so she interupted.

Bisi: it’s time to study.

Donald: let us watch the end of the movie now!

Bisi: (eyed me) Joy lets go,i want to show you


Joy got up and followed her. Chai! this babe f–

k up! i actually respect you but when the

hormones are at work,what else can i do? but

it’s good that bisi took her away.This days my

hormones are alway hyper when joy is

around.I need to learn self control,joy is just

like my cousin.My foster mum is her aunt so

she is my foster cousin and besides,she plainly

said it that she can’t date me.Why would my

mind be thinking of dating her sef? what’s

wrong with me! i need to start avoiding joy so

kasala will not happen.I will guide my heart

jealously cause i can’t afford to fall in love with

her.It can not be possible,Abeg make i go read

for my exams jare. Mum walked in

unexpectedly and i was glad she saw us


Mum: (Smiles) it’s nice seeing you guys like this


Donald: Thanks mum

Joy: i’ve got to get going now

Donald: Can’t you atleast spend the night here!

Mum: (Stared at me with a face of “i know

what you are up to”) She can’t because her

parents aren’t aware.

Donald: But you….

Bisi: (interupted) no buts Donald!

Joy: (Smiled at me) I left the phone in bisi’s

room,see you later.

Donald: (frowned) bye

Bisi excorted Joy out of the house.

Mum: (cleared her throat) Donald! hope it’s not

what i am thinking?

Donald: it’s not what you are thinking.Joy is the

only friend i’ve got so it is normal to miss her.

Mum: Okay if thats what it is.

Donald: No cause for alarm.

Mum: (shaky voice) Your fathers burial is on


Donald: (felt pityful) Cheer up mum,i’m sure dad

wouldn’t like to see you in this state.

Mum: (faked a smile) Alright son.

Donald: So mum,what did you get for me on

your way back?

Bisi walked in and looked at me with a “Well

done” face.I decided to ignore her.

Mum: i bought icecream with chicken and


Donald: (collected the treats) i’ll do justice to it

in my room.

Mum: (laughs) Share with bisi oo

Donald: (looked at bisi staring at me from the

kitchen door) Bisi doesn’t need it joh

Bisi: Who told you so! you better give me my

own share. (she walked up to me and started

struggling to collect the treats from me)

Mum: You guys shouldn’t be fighting over this


Bisi: (let go of the treats) you better don’t finish


Donald: you know i can’t nah.

I went into my room and locked the door

behind me.Omo i never chop chicken and chips

before,infact i have never drank real icecream

before.The only one i had drank is all those

DADDY K N30 icecream.I quickly devored my

own potion and trust me,it was delicious.I

packed the rest of the treat and handed it over

to bisi.

Bisi: (looked at me mysteriously and collected it

from me) thank you.

Donald: what’s wrong! why do you keep staring

at me somehow?

Bisi: Nothing

Donald: okay oo,Joy said she left the phone in

your room,can i have it?

Bisi: (brought it out from her pocket) take!

Donald: (collected it from her) thanks.

As i turned to leave for my room,bisi stopped


Bisi: you better don’t get too close to Joy.

Donald: And why?

Bisi: Just don’t get to close to her

Donald: i would

Bisi:,that is if i don’t stop you.

Donald: what do you mean by that?

She ignored me and walked out.I still don’t get

what she meant.


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