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Re[story] Misplaced trust (true life story) episode 6

Misplaced trust (true life story) episode 6 Read below~

The sight I met at the base of the staircase was

shocking; Dayo’s mother was lying still on the

floor with a bloody gash on her head. She must

have slipped off the staircase. I began to shout

as loudly as I could, calling for help.

Thankfully my neighbours were already on the

way to the staircase, they had heard my mother

in-law’s cry.

She was lifted quickly and driven off to a

hospital. I ran back into my apartment and dialed

Dayo’s number.

I did not believe I would call him for any reason,

but that was what I did in that situation. Sadly his

phone was off. I had to call his sister, Shola and

told her what had happened.

By 10pm in the night, doctors gave us a terrible


Dayo’s mother had gone into coma; her head had

taken a terrible hit when she tumbled on the


Strangely, late into the night there was still no

sign of Dayo. Everyone was at the hospital

including my parents but Dayo was nowhere to

be seen.

I had to pull Shola aside and asked her why Dayo

was not in the hospital.

She was angry with me as was everyone. I was

blamed for what happened to my mother in-law.

They all believed that if I had agreed to return to

my husband’s house, my mother in-law would

not have slipped on the staircase.

Judging by Shola’s mood, it seemed to me she

was going to beat me up. I could tell she was

having a hard time controlling her anger.

Possibly to let me realize how selfish I had been,

Shola decided to tell me what everyone had

agreed not to let me in on, “Runaway-wife, when

you came into our family we thought it was for

good, but as it is, when you came death was

following behind you. If you care to know, Dayo

has been lying sick for three months at the

hospital. He has colon cancer. The way things

are; he is not going to survive it.”

I still can’t explain what happened next. All I

remember was going down in a heap as my head

went blank.

The next day I woke up in a hospital bed, crying

to see Dayo. Everyone in the room sighed, and I

could understand why they did so.

It was already late. My failure to forgive what

actually never happened had ruined my marriage

and the relationship I had with those in Dayo’s


Nonetheless, I continued to cry, demanding to be

taken to him.

After I had recovered from my shock, I was

taken to see Dayo at the hospital where he was.

The first thing he said when he saw me was,

“Baby, I did not cheat on you, and neither have I

known another woman since the day we

exchanged our marital vows.”

My parents who had taken me to see him had to

steady me. I seemed to totter at the sight of the

gawky figure which lay on the bed.

In just three months cancer had eaten up my love

and left him looking like a retroviral patient.

All I could say amid tears, as I sat next to him

was, “I am sorry. I believe you, please forgive

my stupidity.”

Raising his frail hand he ran it on my big tummy

and asked, “How is the baby?”

I could not say a word, hot tears were gushing

from my eyes as guilt stabbed at my heart.

In the weeks that followed, I moved back to

Dayo’s house.

I was eager to make the brief moment we had to

spend together the most memorable ones we had


I had to go apologize to Dayo’s father and

siblings for my failure to forgive Dayo a wrong

which he consistently confessed he did not do.

His father was quick to forgive me, but his

siblings dragged their feet. They believed I had

ruined their family.

While I was on my knees crying to be forgiven

my phone rang, it was Esther.

We worked together back when I worked at the

same branch with Dayo……..

To be continued.

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