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[story] Astray In Love

Episode 1

It was a day i have been waiting for, the final

list is yet to be announced as we all gathered at

the Medical Reception Center inside the

barracks awaiting the arrival Commander in

charge of the screening exercise to come out

with the list of the successful applicants that

will be going to Depot Nigeria Army in Zaria,

Kaduna State. The tension was high at that

moment as everybody was praying seriously, i

couldn’t help myself that very moment because

i have suffered a lot to get to the last stage of

the screening exercise. I kept on hoping in God

for a better result, the tension was still very

very high when the Brigadier General came out

of the office with the list in is hand. My heart

was beating faster as if it’s going to pound out,

everywhere was silent like a grave yard as we

all listen to the General. After commending our

effort, He handed over the list to the physical

training officer and he started calling out the


Lagos, Ondo and Ogun state were the three

states that took part in the exercise, Lagos

state list came first, followed by Ondo state and

then my state Ogun state. My name was

number 8th on the list, out of 95 selected

applicant from each state. I was very happy

and at the same time unhappy. I was happy

because in the next 6 months, my dream of

becoming a soldier will come true but i was

unhappy because out of 7 of us staying in a

room during the exercise, i was the only

shortlisted applicant. How do i celebrate my

victory among the rest of my friends when

they did not make the final list. The General

addressed all successful applicants again and

congratulated us, he further exclaimed that it is

not our effort that brought us to the last stage

as there are lot of people out there that are still

better than us but God has choosen us and we

should give all thanks to God. He ordered the

officer to give each of us the list of

requirements we are to come along with next

tomorrow. We will all assembly at the same

spot and move to Kaduna state for the full

training. He then dismissed us and we all went

to our various ways after the collection of the

requirements list. I called my mum to inform

her of the successful completion of the

screening and that i have been shortlisted

among the applicants. She was happy and i

told her that i will be in Sango in some minutes

time, Abeokuta to Sango is just about 45

minutes drive. I left the barracks immediately in

order for me to b able to prepare against next

tomorrow because i still need to put

somethings in place and at the same time

hustle for money so that i can buy the required



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