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[story] Astray In Love

Episode 4

Lecture and training begins with immediate

effect but this time around, not as a recruit but

as soldier. Learning continues day by day,

always putting in my best in everything as the

best student will be determined at the end of

the course. All this while, i called my mum only

when am less busy and when i felt like talking

to her including my twin brother. I did not

permit anyone to call me at his or her own

time because i might be in class or probably be

engaged in one or two things. I continue like

this for one month and two weeks. In the third

week of the second month, it was announced

that we are going to have a course break.

Having course break simply means we will be

given passes to travled to our destination of

choice for a period of 7 days. By the time we

come back, we will round up with the

remaining one month and pass out. When the

issue of pass came up i was very happy

because it an opportunity for me to see my

family after about 8 months that i have left

them. I decide to make it a surprise to them as

I’m not going to inform anybody about my

coming home. It was on Tuesday, the week we

will be given passes, they brought forms for

everyone to fill with a column indicating our

place traveled intended. Here comes Friday, our

passes are ready, i left Kaduna that very day

and arrived at lagos the next day. I proceeded

to sango that morning and everybody was

surprise to see me, to them it looks like a king

has just arrived. My mum was very happy on

seeing me, i hugged her and she started crying,

my twin brother was a little bit afraid of me,

we all laughed while we moved into the sitting

room where they all welcomed me. Did my dad

just laugh and welcomed me? i greeted him but

it wasn’t coming from my mind. I was still

angry about the fact that he did not contributed

anything as a father to my success. After i

spent two days at home i wasn’t happy and

comfortable with my dad as i always feel like

giving him frog jump or forward roll anytime i

set my eyes on him. My mum kept persuading

me that i should forgive and forget but i told

her i will only forgive but i will never forget.

He wasn’t even ashamed of himself, he boasted

up and down that he has a child that he’s a

soldier. He wanted me to visit some of his

friends and his boss but i turned him down,

making him to realized his worst mistake ever

of not been caring and not taking is due

responsibilities as a father on me and the rest

of his children. The next day i pay a surprise

visit to bode, he was very happy to the extent

that he called all his friend ask them to touch

him if they will not die within a tinkle of an

eye, we all laugh together. I asked him to

dressed up so that we can at least have go out

and have fun. All this while, i was putting on

my camouflage up and down as i was proud of

who i had becomed. We entered a relaxing

cool spot where pepper soup and beer are been

sold, i ordered plates of pepper soup and beers

for all of them, bode was surprise and at the

same time afraid of who is going to pay the

bill, i told him to calm down that the bill is on

me. We then enjoyed ourself, it was all fun

when all my friends are drinking beer but a

soldier is drinking Coke. I paid the bill and we

all left the place for our various home. On

going home, i gave bode the sum of 15,000

Naira just to compensate the effort and help he

rendered when i needed him back then before i

left for training. He was so happy, he was

thanking me and i told him if not for God and

for him, i wouldn’t have been where i am

today. We departed along the road when he got

to the junction to his house and i also left for

my house.


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