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A cup of passion episode 3






Jake yawned and stretched as his alarm woke

him up.He went to his bathroom,took his brush

and pasted toothpaste on it.He looked at the

mirror.His hair was bushy and so was his

beard,It needed trimming.Well,that later,He

shrugged and continued his teeth washing.A

knock on the door startled him.

“Yes…Who’s it?”He spoke among mouthful of

toothpaste foam.

“Samson”The voice replied.

“Ahh..big man”He said and stepped out of the

bathroom towards the door.He opened up

allowing samson in.

“Nice apartment,i must confess”Samson said

as he entered.

“Thanks bro.”Jake said smiling.

“How much finished it all?”Samson asked.

“Just 55k”Jake replied.

“You’re rich o”Samson said as he picked up a


“All thanks to my baby girl..Jemmy”Jake said

and laughed.

“Hmm..That Jemmy issue brought me

here”Samson said.

“What about her?..Hope all is well?”Jake

inquired eagerly.

“Err..Do you know David Ridd?”Samson said.

“Yeah..SUG president”Jake said.

“I think he’s having an affair with your

girl”Samson said.

“No!No!No!…I don’t like that,ok..My Jemmy

can’t do such thing..I trust her”Jake said

standing up on the bed.

“Alaye!…calm down..don’t let her fool

you..She’s dating Dave dollars..I was at groovy

with shantel,presh and Nelson yesternight..We

saw David introducing Jemimah as his

fiancee..Don’t be a fool fooled fully”Samson

said and stood up.”After God,fear woman…I

don talk mine”He added and opened the

door.”See you later guy”.He left.

Jake sat down on the floor sweating

profusely,his bowel was running and he felt the

urge to visit the toilet.He took his phone and

dialled Jemimah’s number but it was switched

off.He entered the bathroom and had a quick

bath.He must find a way of getting to her.



Jemimah smiled as David kissed her cheek

lightly.She had spent the night alone in the

executive suite of Groovy Hotel.

“Morning..lovely”David said in a romantic way.

“Hm..Morning baby”She replied sweetly and

clapped her hands at the back of his neck.

“How about having a breakfast of Eggs,Bacon

and Toast?”David inquired as he pointed to the

waitress who held the breakfast carrier.

“Nice”She said smiling radiantly.

“Serve her”David ordered.”I have asked Idris to

drop you again at school,i won’t be coming

until noon to your place”He added.

“Anytime darling”She said as she sipped her hot

chocolate drink from the mug.

“Alright,byee”David said and stood up.

Jemimah smiled as she looked at the Tall,broad

shouldered guy.The suit he wore fitted him

perfectly with his clean punk cut.She hissed as

she remembered Jake.He will be fine,she

thought and ate on.


She was ready to leave and was ushered into

the Range.She felt like a queen and on top of

the Universe.All eyes were on her as she

dropped at the Junction facing her home.She

was looking real beautiful and was ostentatious

about it.The girls outside dilated their eyes and

gossiped about the Vehicle that brought

her.They thought she was dropped by a sugar


She entered the compound and walked towards

their room door.It wasn’t locked.She pushed it


“Ehh…Almighty”She shouted.

“Aww…fantabulous!!”Eniola shouted.

“Almighty Gbigbi!!She replied.

“Almighty Gbogbo!!Enny replied.

“Take Take Take”Jemmy said extending her

hand for a high five.

“So how was it?”Christianah asked with

gestures as she was on the phone talking to

her Boyfriend,Adeolu.

“Fine o..my friends thank you so much”She


“Did I not tell you?…You can see sweetness is

there..Did he..hmmm…you know?”Eniola


“Hahaha…No,We didn’t sleep together.He slept

in a separate room”Jemimah said laughingly.

“Aww…How i wished he did!!”Christianah said

joining the conversation.

“Adeolu’s wife…You are done talking”Jemimah

replied laughing.

“Yes..i’m done talking with my rich

boo”Christianah said.

A knock sounded on the door.

“Come in “Enny said.

Jake opened the door and entered.Eniola and

christianah burst into laughter on

seeing.Jemimah frowned up.

“Hello..Enny and Christy”Jake greeted.

“Ooooooo”Eniola replied mockingly and looked

at christianah’s eye.They covered their mouth

and shook with laughter.

“Emm..Jemimah..I called your number but it

was switched off..I knew it’s unusual so….”

“So what?..You talk to much..What do you

want?..Another money uhn”Jemimah said

looking at Jake from head to toe.

“Jemmy what’s wrong?”Jake asked.

“Take(Throws a bale of money)and let this be

the last time,you will come here looking for

me…I don’t know you”Jemimah said and laid

on the bed,turning her back.

“Jemmy please what have i done?”Jake said

and knelt down.

“But brother Jake..Which brother sef…Jake

you’re stubborn,she said she doesn’t want to

see you anymore..Just go,ahh…Na by

force!!”Eniola shouted.

“Please beg her on my behalf”Jake said with

tears trickling down his face.

“I’m coming”Christianah stood up and heads for

the bathroom.She came back with a bucket of

water and poured it on Jake.The three girls

burst into laughter.With tears on his face,Jake

stood up wailing loudly with Jemimah’s name

on his tongue.

“Just go”Christianah said as she followed him

outside with broom in hand.

“Jemimah…please don’t kill me…Have mercy


me”Jake begged but jemimah was

unflinched.She simply opened her whatsapp to

chat with her new lover,Dave dollars.






To be continued..

List of completed stories on mynaijavals.com

[story] meant to be episode 1

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