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Jake and his coursemates were at the New

science hall expecting their lecturer.It was really

a huge crowd as all sorts of noises were going

on be it,relevant and irrelevant issues.

“You know,i hate this Physics 321..I just wanna

be alone”Taiwo said in frustration as he threw

his pen on the floor.

“Err…Have you gotten the solution to it Jake?.I

don’t want any noise if the woman

comes”Felicity asked.

“Still on it..give me few minutes”Jake replied.

Another guy,Victor by name entered and started

Jesting around the hall.

“Ah..Just take a look at victor”Felicity


“Sss…Face what you’re doing.You aren’t here

because of anyone”Taiwo spatted.

“Alright guys,i’m done with it…Have a look”Jake

said and passed his notebook to them.

“Wow!…Give me five”Felicity shouted

happily.”You’re really brilliant”.

“Let me see now”Taiwo said frowning.

Jake’s phone rang and he picked up.

“Hello girl”He said.

“Where are you?..We really need to

talk”Jemimah said at the other end coldly.

“Is everything okay”He quizzed.

“Yes,just tell me where you’re”She replied.

“I’m at New science hall”He said.

“Are you having lectures?”She asked.

“Hmm,yes but the woman’s not around”He said

and stamped on the ant trying to enter his


“Okay,on my way”She replied.

Jake smiled as he disengaged the call,he

couldn’t wait to see her.Hardly had he entered

to sit,when there was a stir among the male

students.He turned and there was his beautiful

girl,Jemimah walking in a sexy gait towards

him.He smiled and stood up.The male students


aaaaa!!!”and banged the table.Jemimah covered

her face shyly and smiled.Jake took her hand

and led her outside.

“Jake,i’m confused”She began.

“How?..Tell me what’s bothering you”Jake

asked holding her hands.

“David Ridd is disturbing me into dating him.I

know how influential he’s in the school as the

student Union president and also a rich guy.I

wouldn’t want him to harm you.What can you

do to it?.what do you think we can

do?”Jemimah said.

Jake bowed his head,his mood had changed.

“Jemimah,hope i won’t lose you”He asked.

“If i have interest in dating him,i wouldn’t be

here to tell you all that happened”She said and

folded her arms.

“Okay,the lord will see us through”Jake said

and patted her back.

“Alright baby,call me”Jemimah said.

“I have no money,infact my gas cooker has

finished and no money to refill”Jake said.

“Ahnn..so you haven’t eaten?…Why didn’t you

tell me?”Jemimah asked with concern.

“I don’t like the way your friends behave

whenever i visit you”Jake said.

“Don’t mind them uhn…Take(opens her wallet

and gives him two thousand naira)…manage..I’ll

go to the Atm later to get money,so i will get

you soup stuffs from the market”Jemimah


“Thanks…ohh..baby..That Iya is around..i have

to go”Jake said and ran in as soon as he saw

the lecturer’s car.

Jemimah entered the house in the evening

after cooking for Jake.She met her friends

eating lots of delicacies.She was puzzled.

“Hee hee(Claps her hand)….Where did you get

these?”She asked,folding her arms and lips.

“Ha..It’s Uncle dave.Yours is over


ah said.

“Tonight we are going to Groovy.A friend of

him is celebrating birthday for his girlfriend.We

can’t miss it including you”Eniola said and bit

her chicken.

“Both of you are thieves”Jemimah said.

“Aww,call us anything.We only know the rich

and not the poor..Durhh”Eniola said and rolled

her eyeballs.

“Uncle dave asked us to give you this.(pointa

money)”Christinah said.

Jemimah collected it and counted.To her

surprise,it was a two hundred thousand

naira.She walkes towards her bed.There were

three shopping bags filled with clothes and


“You’d better date david…uhn uhn…I told you

o”Eniola said as she opened up the foil cover

of the shawarma.

Jemimah was lost in thought.She was really

confused and her friends weren’t surprised

when in the evening she dressed up to follow

them to the party.

David sent a Range rover to pick them up from

their off-campus home.

The party was a real mindblowing one.All sorts

of assorties were displayed.David took

Jemimah around everywhere he went.Jemimah

was beginning to like him as he had good sense

of humour,funny and lively.David asked her to

sit as he went towards the microphone.

“Hello everyone..”He spoke.

There was a huge noise of Dave dollars as that

was the nickname his pals gave to him due to

his wealth.He laughed and waved his hand for

decorum to be.

“All of you guys are urging me to go get

married and remember i do tell you,i haven’t

found my rose.But now i have and i’m using

this medium to introduce to you,Miss Jemimah

Typer.Can you please step

forward,Sweetheart?”He said pointing at


All eyes were on jemimah as she stood up

shyly.There was a loud ovation from the

crowd.David’s friends came forward to give the

duo handshake,lots of envelope was deposited

into Jemmy’s hands.She was surprised as she

wasn’t the one doing birthday.She later learnt

there was no birthday.It’s just a set up party.

David took her to the backyard and knelt before


“Jemimah,i really love you.I’m not here to date

you,i’m here to make you my wife.I hope my

gestures here will convince you that i

care.Allow me in your world,let’s come

together to raise a newfamily which would rule

the world.I love you and that’s never gonna

change”He spoke with a very convincing and

emotional tone.

Tears welled in Jemimah’s eyes.She had fallen

for David!!.




To be continued..

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